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Building Your Future In Self-Employment

3rd Edition, 2021

A Step-by-Step Workbook Guide

This comprehensive workbook covers all aspects of the small business startup process, from evaluating the feasibility of self-employment through establishing operations. It can be used by individuals as a user-friendly, self-directed workbook or by organizations as the textbook in entrepreneurial training programs.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in small business ownership, entrepreneurship training, and mentoring, this 159-page workbook is designed for individuals considering self-employment, including dislocated workers, women, minorities, and individuals with disabilities. It provides practical, easy-to-follow, and interesting information on the topics that follow.

PART I: Evaluating the Feasibility of Self-Employment

  • The advantages and disadvantages of self-employment

  • Common causes of business failure and how to avoid them

  • The legalities of starting a business

  • Evaluating feasibility – self-assessment

  • Evaluating feasibility – the business idea

  • Evaluating feasibility – financial considerations

  • Market research: understanding your customers and competitors

  • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

  • PART II: Business Planning and Business Operations

  • Developing your business plan

  • Developing your marketing plan

  • Choosing an appropriate location

  • Developing your financial projections

  • Managing your risk – small business insurance

  • Selecting a legal structure

  • Planning and reporting taxes

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