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The Companion Financial Projections Flash Drive

Run Unlimited Scenarios and Projections

Scenario and projection planning is best defined as building assumptions about how your business and market niche are going to perform and change in the future. Since the future is uncertain, you will want to create several sets of assumptions and plan accordingly. 

Scenario and projection planning is an incredibly powerful tool used by governments, militaries, and businesses alike to forecast possibilies and prepare for contingencies.

Whether you are starting a new business or looking for ways to grow your existing business, scenario and projection planning is an effective way to see your path to growth. You can bet your competition is planning... and so should you!

To simplify the development of the financial worksheets, a template is available on this flash drive for use with Excel spreadsheet software. This template is designed to be used on personal computers.

This template duplicates all the financial worksheets in Let’s Write Your Business Plan. You can simply input data, save and print, while quickly and easily experimenting with an unlimited number of various scenarios and projections.

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This is a great book that helped me immensely in establishing my travel business and getting a significant bank loan.

Also, the line-by-line explanations of the financial statements were invaluable. Like many others, I am not a "numbers person," so this information was extremely helpful.

- KERRY HORCASITAS, Travel Consultant, Las Vegas, NV

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After going through Ginny's books and financial drive template, I was able to put together my business plan, including start-up costs and projections.

I was able to start my organizing business because I KNEW my business. The books make you think about everything you need to start a successful business. The financial template for projections allowed me to see if I was going to make money-

- DARLENE KANUK,  Organizing Specialist, NY

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