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Self-Employment Tools

Building your business on a solid foundation. Available in Digital and Hard Copy.

I was devastated when I lost my job after 18 years. Building Your Future in Self-Employment helped me plan a new career in self-employment from the ground up. I would recommend it to anyone seriously interested in small business ownership.

- TONY TRINKA, T's Fabulous Feasts, Charleston, SC

Building Your Future in Self-Employment (3rd ed., 2021)

This workbook covers the whole process from dealing with your feelings about unemployment, to evaluating the feasibility of self-employment for you, to learning about the major aspects of small business ownership. 159 pages

Ideal to use with the other tools. Consider a bundle offer and save.

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We are well-pleased with this workbook because it is written in such a way that anyone can understand the lessons and worksheets. The clients like the book, and our counselors like the book… That is what counts.

- DONALD R. JOHNSON, SCORE Chairman, Chapter 80 Toledo, OH

Let’s Write Your Business Plan (10th ed., 2021)

This is a user-friendly, step-by-step, fill-in-the blank workbook that will help you develop a strong, bankable business plan. It covers both the narrative and financial sections of a comprehensive business plan. It should be used as your guide in creating your business and, if applicable, as your financial proposal to lending sources. 119 pages.

Wondering how to estimate your sales? See page 52. Unsure about what should be included in your business plan? See page 6. Confused about what financial terms mean? See pages 49-66

Ideal to use with the other tools. Consider a bundle and save.

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When I left my law firm and law career after 29 years to pursue my passion of practicing hypnotherapy, I suddenly felt lost at sea without any direction, plan, or rudder. I meandered through the next few weeks feeling lost. I am so grateful that a friend referred me to Ginny Robert’s training program.

Suddenly, I had direction, a plan, and a schedule. In Ginny’s capable hands, I was given very useful advice on where to start in developing my part-time practice into a full-time practice. I can honestly say that without Ginny’s guidance and oversight, I would still be floundering at sea and a long way from my goal of establishing a full-time hypnotherapy practice. Thanks to Ginny, my goal is now close to becoming a reality.

- JIM LEE, Hypnosis for Healing, Vestal, NY

Companion Financials Flash Drive

To make the development of your financial spreadsheets faster and easier, use the files on this flash drive with Excel software. The flash drive contains a collection of templates that duplicate all the spreadsheets in your Let's Write Your Business Plan workbook. You just fill in your data, save, and print. It is ideal for experimenting with various projections and scenarios: Best Case, Probable Case, and Worst Case.

Excellent resource to use with the other tools. Consider a bundle and save.

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